UNICA School operates a fleet of buses that pick up children from
their homes (or the hostel) each morning and transport them to school. For the safety of the children, an attendant rides the bus to provide assistance. Bus service is also provided at the end of the day to return children to their home (or the hostel). There are no after-school activities, and there is no late bus service available. Annual bus fee is R5000

School Fee

The 2012 fee will be R 9720 for the school year.


UNICA School owns and operates a hostel 18 km from the school, where approximately 40 learners live. The students share rooms and bathrooms, with younger and older children lodging with learners of their own approximate age.

The fee of R 24840 includes food and safe shelter for the school year, with the exception of identified school breaks when the hostel is closed.
The hostel may also be used to provide respite care, and parents may arrange with school officials to board their child at the hostel on a temporary basis.

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